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"Killing Us" is the latest music video performed by 'Unionmade Xans'. The song was released at 'WorldstarHipHop' official youtube channel on June 9th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Killing Us (Lyric)
Artist: Unionmade Xans
Instagram: @UnionMadeXans
Facebook: @UnionMadeXans
Music Label: Worldstar Hip Hop
Released Date: June 9th, 2020.

Killing Us Lyrics:

It's Something About To Love Them It's
Something About Your Love There
It's Something About Your Loving And I
Can't Get Enough I'm All These Trees And

I'm Thugging Buffalo Rolling Over They
Trying To Kill Us
Black Man Hands In Here They Still Kill
Human Trafficking Law Black Boys And
Girls Put The Dope In The Streets
Knowing That We Gonna Send That There Is
Throne Take Our Profit Then Come Arrest
Take Us Away From Our Families To Create
A Black Single Mom In Poverty Now She
Gonna Shut Us Up I Really Know Too Much
Ups And Everyone I Said They Would They
Can Champion Hill We Still Slaves And I
Don't Think A
Throwing Work Balance Assays But At The
End Of The Day You Take My Model To Pay

Because Something About Your Lovin And I
Can't Get Enough I'm Going These Trees
And I'm Tugging Buffalo Roanoke Run
They're Trying To Kill Us
Black Man Hands In Here They Still Kill
It's Time They Love Us Today Hate That
They Loved Colors Niggers But Embrace Us
In Public I Hate That My Sister Fought
For This Country's If You Know How To
Make Man When It's Just Money But They
Gonna Treat You Better Be Right A Lot Of
Big Black Man Unarmed But Still Harming
Us I'm Glad My Beans And Getting Them
Fortune 40,000 In My Town I Can Care

Less For The Support I Still Remember What I
Was Born When They Killed Tariq Se Cayo
Trying To Keep What Happens The Table
Secret Drugs
We're Trying To Kill Us
Black Man Hands In The Air They Still Kill[?]...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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