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'Well Off' is the latest English song presented by 'DDG' from the album D2*. The song was released at 'DDG' official youtube channel on July 5th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Well Off (Lyric)
Artist: DDG
Album: D2*
Music Label: DDG
Released Date: July 5th, 2020.

Well Off Lyrics:

So Just Brody Poppins Innings He Just
Want To Take The Edge Off He Just Cena
Up At The Stole But He Sped Off Gotta
Keep It On Me Cuz These Nig*as Know I am
Well Off Done Guys Nig*a But I am More

Like I am The Oldest I Was Grinding Hard
But Some Bitches Never Notice Nig*a This
Our Moment We Never Fought It I Brought
Up Already A Nifty Debbie Slowly Yeah I
Live My Life I Got An Obsession With The
Static Let A Nig*a Try Me I am I Letting
Nig*a Have It On Preneurcast Bag Or A
The basket I Got All The Bitches On My Momma
I am A Magnet Nothing In La I Cannot Do It 
They Are Faking Nig*az Actin Like They
Really Frozen A B Hey Hollywood Is
Saying But It Is What You Make It
I Just Really Focus On The Green Were

Too Late What Is Your Problem Is N Easy
Just Want To Take The Edge Off You Just
Seen Her Up At The Stove But He Sped Off
Gotta Keep It On Me Cuz These Nig*as Know, 

I am Well Off Alone And Afraid In Then Lays 
A Mess Now She Wan' Follow Those Dreams 
And Be Great But She Stressed Out Shorty Put
Some Pictures On The Ground With Her
Chest Out Started Only Fast White But To
Check The Rest Off 2025 Take It Takes Me
Back To 19 When I Bought That Brand New
Beemer, I Was 19 Usually, 

I Charge 20 But On A Charge Of 19
Spit At 16 For Alexis Some Nikes Day Was
Trying To Doubt Nig*a Fu*k You Bitch
I am Cloudy Nig*a Wrote This In Our Nig*a
Ceo And Power Nig*a Stacking Up My

Chicken And The Drip Is Sweetest Our
Nig*a If I Slide Hardy Ups Today I Hit
Tomorrow Nig*a Bottoms Up Bottoms Down
Carlo Over Fu*k Around Fall In Love Let
Her Down Leave Her In The Lost File I am
A Dog Yeah I Know I Can Never Love All
She Will Know But I Bet The Dickens Dope
Bro Deep Up His Innings He Just Wan'
Take The Edge Off He Just Seen I Hop At
The Stole But He Spared Off Gotta Keep
It On Me Cuz These Nig*as Know I Am Well Off...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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