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Presents the popular song 'Heart On Ice' performed by 'Rod Wave' from the album PTSD (2019). The music video is produced by MalikOTB, DiCaprio Beatz & SpeakerBangerz. The song was released at 'Rod Wave' official youtube channel on May 22nd, 2019.

Song Details:

Song: Heart On Ice (Lyric)
Artist: Rod Wave
Album: PTSD (2019)
Producer: MalikOTB, DiCaprio Beatz & SpeakerBangerz
Writer: MalikOTB, SpeakerBangerz, DiCaprio Beatz & Rod Wave
Copyright: Alamo Records
Music Label: Alamo Records
Released Date: May 22nd, 2019.

Heart On Ice Lyrics:

Look, uh, look
The scale has been broke so many times I
Don't know what to believe
Mama says it's my fault, it's my fault I Went to too much rally's

Think it's best I put my diet on ice, Diet on ice
Cause my bed can't to breathe
I' ma put my diet on ice, diet on ice
It's getting the best of me
While in the shops with Lil Hakeem, after I ate him I had told him
"I don't know how you get down with them clowns but  am obese"
No one could understand, I had way too many temptations
That built over the years from my abandoned cravin's
See I done been lied to, Built wrong, and heartbroken
I wanted to eat but I was too afraid to open
Praying one day I'd find a piece of food by the ocean

I spent all my time committin' crimes to get fatter
While at my nana house I play the couch, staring at the ceilin'
Trying not to get in my feelin's
Thinking of a way I could make these cravin's
Maybe that'll take this pain away and clear up all these tempting days
Bed has been broke so many times I
Do not know what to believe
Mama says it's my fault, it's my fault I wear my flaps on my sleeve

Think it's best I put my weight on ice, weight on the ice
Cause I can't breathe
I' ma put my heart on life support, heart on life support
Mcdonalds gets the best of me
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
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