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'Kintsugi' is the new song presented by Abstract ft. Tamzene. The music is produced by Cryo Music, from the album Kintsugi. The song was released at 'I'M HIP-HOP' official youtube channel on June 26th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Kintsugi (Lyric)
Artist: Abstract
Featuring: Tamzene
Producer: Cryo Music
Album: Kintsugi
Writer: Abstract
Label: Katy Perry
Released Date: June 26th, 2020.

Kintsugi Lyrics:

Oh There Is Gold Between Us 
Now Some Place That Broken Can
Be Found If We
All We Can Know All This Kind Of Love
Every Time I Was Shattered I Had To Be
Just To Put All My Pieces Where They
Belong The Thin' About Holdin' On Is The
Holdin' That'll Make You Strong
I Know How It Changed Me Turn My Trouble
To Fuel, I Be Lying If I Set My Fire
Don't Outweigh My Cool Don't
React With The Quickness Watch The Calm
Become A Storm I'm Ashamed To All Who
Witnessed The Moment I Transformed
That's A Copin' Mechanism Probably
Picked Up In My Youth
No, I Don't Like Confrontation But I Ramp
Up When I Do
Reason That I have Been On Beats And
Stages Here's The Truth It Starts To
Bubble Up Inside Me Till My
Mind Becomes A Noose I am Not Perfect
With My Methods, I have Been Broken Past
Repair But There's Gold Inside The
Cracks Cause I Learned How To Really
For Those Who Were Mistreated Have To
Beat It I am A Voice Seein' Beauty In The
Broken Takes A Mirror And A Choice
Oh There Is
Know You Have Been Through Thin's And
You have Got Cracks You Try To Hide Ways
Of Copin' You Developed In An Effort To
People Who Saw You As If You Never Were
Enough People Who Made Pain Too
Synonymous With Love I See Beauty And
You are Broken See The Gold Were You
Repaired Sorry If I Sometimes Take Your
Distance Personal I am Scared That will
Lose You To The Seasons I Got Reasons Of
My Own
Abandonment Is Stitched Into The Fabric
Of My Bones Not The Best With Patience
I have Learned That You Need Your Time We
Got Different Ways To Cope In Different
Languages Inside
Recently I have Taken Time To Get To
Learning Doors Far Apart But Close To
Hearts You Know That This Is More Than
We are All A Little Broken But There's
Gold Inside The Cracks Built-Up Stronger
Than We Were I Think We are Finally Built
To Last
The Future That We're Makin' Off The
Trials Of Our Past This Kind Of Love Is
So Mosaic And Only Comes From Broken
Oh There Is,
Is True...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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