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'Love Song' is the latest English song presented by 'Cash Kidd'. The song was released at 'Cash Kidd' official youtube channel on August 3rd, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Love Song (Lyric)
Artist: Cash Kidd
Music Label: Cash Kidd
Released Date: August 3rd, 2020.

Love Song Lyrics:

Got so many nig*as touched
I should be fouled out when I say I got
Your bit*h archer than her eyebrows

Fell off the mate 30 in a few hours she
The best with the tongue call her shoe
Doctor bit*h left my socks on the wall
Like a footlocker...

I fast-talk your bit*h like I'm boom or
I don't know I thought you could sleep
With the bit*h
I am just leasing a bitch y'all meant for
Each other you can keep the little bit*h
She at me love her she just wants a piece
Of this dick
I see loyalty and nails so I'll treat
Them like my kids these nig*as too
Emotional I'll treat them just like a jig
I'ma always love you dawg I can't forget
About what you did yo she whacked the

Nig*a beat the case they said my nig*as
Snitched how the fu*k is a nig*a gon*
Snitch on himself got no love for a
Bit*h I got rich by myself all my old
Hoes bro...

Latoya lucky I knew where I was going to
Be before I start buzzing it takes money
To go to work so don't start nothing
Hanging out the window get the air like
A fart coming nig*as ain't really saying
Shit like an iron puppy finna turn it up
On these nig*as like my part coming I'm
Tired of listening to you talk bit*h
Start sucking right now
Or you can start trucking on the file
Told them this shit ain't funny then I
Scandal I'm some other government's
Please do not call me by my government
Honey since you say you really love me
Go and suck some dick fu*k me bring it
All back to daddy you could be my little

Word on the street again 60 or blue I
Just did a turn around like a Michigan
You, I don't fu*k with the pigs I ain't
Winning the pool they head down for

Kidnapping but the innocent ooh
Put a nig*a in the trunk like he getting
In the pool 30 on me and one like
Skipped in my lou
Got the latter with the hammer-like I'm
Fixing the roof bullets jumping off the
Ladder wwe
I got fifty thousand your nig*a ain't
Fu*king with me you a demon with the
Neck then I might punch you some weed 40
Spitting out shields right there
Sunflower seeds I just spent 2 thousand
On a couple of teams my bit*h ass so
Fast she got a jump in her jeans
I just buttered too Kimani for a couple
Of beans hollows to your atoms like you
Fu*king with you...

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