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'BANG BANG' is the latest song presented by Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It. The music video of this new song is directed by Blank Square Productions. The song was released at 'BigGucci Sosa' official youtube channel on August 27th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: BANG BANG (Lyric)
Artist: Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It
Director: Blank Square Productions
Label: BigGucci Sosa
Released Date: August 27th, 2020.


Where I am from you won’t get shit, with a handout
When I come through the city, nig**s bring them, bands, out
Sound of the semi often soundin' like we brought the pans out
I am a hot boy, someone please bring the fans out
Make a bit*h work, work, work, work, like Rihanna 
Stash the 20’s, stack the 50’s, when I look up, I see 100’s
Man you know how it feels if you had nothing
I can’t know how you feel if you never said some (get that money)
I will be running, runnin', running, running, runnin',
remember on the block, gunning, gunnin', gunning, gunning, gunnin',
Now I am gettin' money, money, money, money, money, money
You can tell by my tummy, tummy, tummy, yummy, yummy
Remember sellin' dope out granny’s, for my family
Now I can buy my granny a fu*king Bentley 
Fu*k the rap game, fu*k I look like buying a Plan B
But I gotta get this money, do you understand me?
I’ ma f*ck my trigger raw until that bit*h sayin' “Keef… 
Turn that Xbox off, cause ain’t no bit*h playin' me”
Tryin' to play with me, you better off planning Plan B
Cause your plan A didn’t work, and I didn't understand each?
Just got a call from my Mama, she wants another
20 racks, she will always be the one that’s one up
hop out the car, it smells like thunder, I wish you’d run-up
I don’t crush a lot, I can’t, let me call Big Pun up...

Bang bang, bang, bang bang, bang (bang)
bang bang, bang, bang, bang
Bang, bang, bang bang, bang
bang bang, bang, bang, bang, (bang)...

In the trap steady walking to the peephole
Now I am in a mansion, don’t know my gate code, 
And the part woo-woo ok hoe!
She gonna come through the back with the Draco
No cash ain’t no on stage hoe
Can’t come through the front with the bankroll
She ran in the buildin', I was like hey bro
Who bit*h in the front with the mango?
Chief Sosa, I am Mufasa, Rastafari bombaclota 
We turn you to water, little nig*a, please don’t get mopped up
Pistol mad max, I been runnin' 'round with shottas
I am the alley cat and you the rat that runs around with coppers
Bit*h I am ballin' so hard, think I need a Fiji water
Swear that money be my baby, hello Sosa, you are the father
Excuse me, bro, do you sell dope? Fu*k you a federale?
I am a boss and these nig**s hoes, that’s why he fell behind me
I am so fly, I am so fly, in Hawaii eating Thai
You gotta pay me for a comment, and that comment might be why
Asian hoe, say she thinks I am nice, why cause I eat rice?
Bit*h I am mean, go and get your thin's, you can spend the night
Bit*h I flex, flexin' on my ex with a fu*king check
You think you hot cause you got a box, your shit could get checked
I am so hard, with a bit*h box, I be playin' chess
Oh my God, what a bitter road, we hit em in the chest
Now he dead, leave his ass red, hit him with high tech
That means my tech so fu*king high...Hitten for six in that,
Like you in bad before Christmas Eve, bit*h that’s what you get
Like I was blind, then that happened tonight, don’t know where you at...

Bang bang, bang, bang bang, bang (bang)
bang bang, bang, bang, bang
Bang, bang, bang bang, bang
bang bang, bang, bang, bang, (bang)...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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