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'Boss Bitch' is the latest song performed by Dess Dior. The song was released at 'Dess Dior' official youtube channel on June 26th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song:Boss Bitch (Lyric)
Artist: Dess Dior
Released Date: June 26th, 2020.

Boss Bitch Lyrics:

I can’t be stressing bout no nig*as 
It’s so easy to replace em
Ima real boss b*tch 
So hell na I can’t save em 
Off Henny with no chaser 
Best believe he wan' taste me 
But he ain’t real nig*a
So I gotta keep it playa...

Boss b*tches do it best, tf' you thought
I might hit him up and f*ck em when I want
Rich sh*t, if I want it f*ck the cost
He spends a bag on a b*tch cause I'm the boss...

Treating these nig*as how I want 
Cuz I know I got options 
I need a nig*a that don’t talk 
Cuz that’s always the problem 
I let em eat it from the back 
While I run in them pockets 
I hit my b*tch like wya? 
Cuz I am taking u shoppin'...

Now I might be a lil toxic,
But you know that I am worth it
Ion be textin' nig*as back
So on my page he be lurkin' 
He can’t find no bit*h like me 
So he ain’t even searchin'
I just might break a nig*a heart
But sh*ttt nobody perfect...

Freaky b*tch 
Real nasty
On the gram...In the streets
I keep it classy
I ain’t beefin' wit no b*tches 
They can have it 
Really runnin' shit 
Na I ain’t braggin'...

F*ck a bag, I want a bust down
Swing that 42 Nah I don't do crown
These nig*as wanna fu*k me for clout
Don’t hit my line cause you burnt out
Drag a bit*h down the street by her leave out
Might not want d*ck, give me mouth
Pretty b*tch but I’ll air this shit out
Better come correct with them checks out...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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