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'Vicious Cycle' is the latest song presented by 'Glass Crown'. The song was released at 'Spaceuntravel' official youtube channel on August 18th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Vicious Cycle (Lyric)
Artist: Glass Crown
Album: Vicious Cycle
Audio recorded/mixed/master: Randy Pasquarella
Video: Lucas Spencer
Music Label: Spaceuntravel
Released Date: August 18th, 2020.

Vicious Cycle Lyrics:

The water fills my lungs, as I am gaspin' for air
A delusion of my former self, a thought I can’t bare
I shift my focus to avoid discontent
But I am drownin' in abysmal endless torment...

It happens every day, I will try to feel better
But every day,
I am fallin' further and further (I can’t sleep)

I have got so many problems, 
I am not stoppin' until I reach the bottom...

I can’t pull myself forward
It’s a fu*king disorder...

I am just so tired, I am uninspired. 
It’s like a guilt trip, sad song, desperate to feel alive
I am losin' sleep just to lose my mentality 
One more second until the brink of insanity...

I can’t pick myself back up...

I have waited my entire life for this

Self-deception radiates within me
Barricade all my thoughts in these walls
I can’t find my way back out...

I can finally see, that I am livin' a dead memory
And I can finally say, I am better off, hangin'
Up from above
Bound by chains...

I can’t pull myself forward

It’s a fu*king disorder
A fu*king disorder...

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