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'Endless Summer' is the latest soundtrack presented by Jaden feat. Raury, from the album 'CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3'. The music of this new song is produced by OmArr & Josiah Bell. The track was released at 'Jaden' official youtube channel on August 28th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Endless Summer (Lyric)
Artist: Jaden
Featuring: Raury
Album: CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3
Producer: OmArr & Josiah Bell
Label: MSFTS Music & Roc Nation
Released Date: August 28th, 2020.

Endless Summer Lyrics:

[Verse 1: Jaden]
Leader of the new school like Slick Rick the ruler
Should've went to Harvard like Yara, I could school ya
So mundane when I am of the medulla
The fu*k top five? My nig*a, who's cooler?
Cryin' on the plane, young boy goin' through it
Dollars loose change got a thin' in St. Louis
I am just tryna make a name in the music
I am drivin' down the street and all the pretty girls lose it (Jaden!)
Once upon a time, I was the coolest
Valentine's Day just came, got her tulips
Now I am on the PCH cruisin'
If you ain't with the tie-dye, well, 
You better move it (You ain't with the tie-dye?)
They wonder how I do it, how I do it
You can see me talkin' to the ocean, man, I am fluent
And its fluid, ha, yeah, it's true shit
And I ride more waves than a cruise ship
I got Calabasas goin' stupid...

[Chorus: Jaden]
I wish I could get through this feelin'
This feelin', this feelin' (No cap, no cap)
I wish I could get through this feelin'
This feelin', this feelin' (No cap, no cap)...

[Verse 2: Jaden]
Look, no gravity, wavy baby, the ICON
So happily, spit a verse as long as a python, uh
You can't understand the heights that my kites on
Cleanin' out your lyrics with Lysol
This is like Fight Club for the written word
Spit a poem in reverse
You probably couldn't spit a verse (Nah)
Yeah you did it but I did it first
If I am lookin' for a copycat,
I never gotta search, it's right here
Man, I can make the pain disappear, for your nightmares
Still inside of dreams when I cry tears
Light years away from the Earth
Said I am flyin' in the higher sphere, criteria's too serious
I told you nig*as the flow was growin' delirious (Woo)
Floatin' pyramid, the Sphinx's water erosion with no ocean
I swear your mind's Slowpoke and I am not jokin'
And if the hook wasn't comin', I'd be still goin'...

[Chorus: Jaden]
I wish I could get through this feelin'
This feelin', this feelin' (No cap, no cap)
I wish I could get through this feelin'
This feelin', this feelin' (No cap, no cap)...

[Bridge: Jaden]
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh
The Hills can't hold me
I sip slow, your window hit with rocks are flowin'
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh
I swear I rin' your doorbell, girl, your momma knows me
But I will probably just go walk home all alone and feel the breeze...

[Verse 3: Raury & Jaden]
I get the pen and paper goin' cause it feeds my needs
A young sophisticated one, only queens could see
It bleeds with ease, into a nice evenin'
The Shangri-La, nirvana,
Heaven rest between her knees, I need to see
Need my win's, I need to eat
I need completed pictures, memories
It's fadin', oh babe, you know I am crazy
In the time of Summer hazes
I know a lotta figure checkin' 'cause they need the kin'
Know a lotta nig*as testin' but believe in me
More wet than your every flow, when I sneeze you geeze
Please believe, you rollin' with some G's Louise
I like to let it all burn like ebonies
And give a speech on my Martin Luther
Lose a tooth inside the booth
And you know we only spittin' the truth
In the gold vision, you livin' proof, ayy waddup?

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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