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'Chosen1' is the latest song performed by 'LaRock' ft. Streezy. The music video is directed by LaRock, Willshotit. The song was released at 'LaRock' official youtube channel on August 15th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Chosen1 (Lyric)
Artist: LaRock
Featuring: Streezy
Director: LaRock, Willshotit
Filmed By: @Wilshotit
Edited By: LaRock
Music Label: LaRock
Released Date: August 15th, 2020.

Chosen1 Lyrics:

Nig*a we in the matrix
I cannot relate to this 
Always asking god man why they gotta fake shit
18 years old, when I got my first kiss
Shoutout to you girl, even if you even listen!

Thinkin about the past, 
Man I really wouldn’t change you it

Dropped outta college man I’m really on my dream shit
Fu*k your opinion no I do not mistake shit
God got my back, while you nig*as on that gay shit!

Fuck yo opinion no I do not agree
Bank account balance just times it by three! 
Shoutout to fake friends, shoutout to old trends
Most of y’all nig*as don’t even believin me
Lot of y’all nig*as don’t keep with me
Tell me what you know about frequency!

Open your third eye, then you can see why, 
Can’t take these stories so literally!

Open your third eye, 
That nig*a started off location, he worldwide!
No precision, opposition shoot cross eye
Up fye leave a pussy nig*a fox 5

Lil bit*h I’m geeked off a perc, stamina!

Foreign broad she look like Hannah Montana 
Kick that bit*h out my wipe cus she couldn’t meet my standards
Dope boy T I roc dickies and flannels
We got xanny, oxy and perc!
We gone can put that lil boy in a shirt
Bit*h you risking your life if you fu*king with us

Guess your mama had gave you some nerve
Fuck nig*as they get on my nerves
Steady be jocking that shit
I get d clock and I’m poppin that bit*h
Stop when I shopping lil bit*h 
Them lil nig*as crazy they really be robbing that shit

Young nig*a chase some
Young nig*a paper chasing
He got the big big body Benz 
Fuck nig*a can’t take none, on gang!


Everything you can imagine is real
Open up that pineal 
Family think I’m Going to hell
But I love em still
She just wanna chill
She ain’t my twin flame for real
Streezy tell em how you feel 
Cause they don’t wan' hear me kill!

Jump off the porch
Since a jit I been a chosen 1

We got choppa semi sticks
And we got golden drums
And my lil bit*h throwed off rum

She don’t fu*k with no henny 
“Yea yea”
Put that perc in her drink
she don’t fu*k with not oxy 
it fu*k up her kidney!

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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