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'Royal Rumble' is the latest song sung by Lil Tecca. The music video is directed by Omar Jones & produced by Z3N & Sean Turk. The song was released at 'Lil Tecca' official youtube channel on August 26th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Royal Rumble (Lyric)
Artist: Lil Tecca
Producer: Z3N & Sean Turk
Director: Omar Jones
Producer: ATLAS Productions
Label: Lil Tecca
Released Date: August 26th, 2020.

Royal Rumble Lyrics:

Keep it Z3N
Sean Turk
Yeah, oh
Yeah (Uh-huh), yeah (Yeah, uh-huh)
Uh-huh, yeah (Uh-huh), uh-huh, yeah

I walk up in the room and they eyeing me
They like "Who is you?" Nig*a, you can't get my ID
Walked in the store, I need everything that I see
They peeping I am that Nig*a, I am like "Ooh, yeah, I might be"
Let a Nig*a try me
Punch a Nig*a in his lip, now he looking like Kylie (Bop)
I can't really go off right now, Nig*a, I am in quarantine
I am really in the market, baby, we could go to Dover Street
We can go to isolation where it gets like four degrees
You not ready for that shit
My life is a movie, you not ready for that clip
My Nig*as they applaud and they applaud and they clap shit
If it's not about dollars then you really don't make sense
And if you talking money then Lil' bitch we can make friends
You holding yourself back, surrounded by fake friends
They just want you for payments
And they gonna keep grabbing plates if you sneaking that cake in, 
It makes sense,
Two paychecks, they like "One finna pay rent"
Yes, I am dripped, I ama buy something basic
Got my own style, you gonna flush it, I don't take shit
Really anti-social, I don't like collaborating
And you Nig*as weirdos, I don't like collaborating
Had to cut y'all off because y'all Nig*as, y'all not sanctioned
Moving hot, tryna cause investigations
Now, if you won't talk, yeah, you gotta make a payment
Pay me, fu*k you
Bit*hes give me pussy, I won't pay to fu*k
Bit*h, Nah, I don't love you, I won't pay to lust
Even if you, my shawty, no, please do not get comfortable

Bit*h, I am the king, it's a Royal Rumble
Came out on top, like the Royal Rumble
Any beef with me, it's a Royal Rumble
She wanna Royal Rumble...

No cap, I get it, though
You just wanna fu*k with me, you heard me on the radio
You play on me, bit*h, you gonna turn me to a criminal
Psych, I don't touch y'all, y'all can't touch me
Hottest young Nig*a in my country
You want me to pull up, yeah, that's like fifty stacks
I ama put some in her block and I go cop my bit*h a bigger ass
I been thinking about the old times, 
Not gonna lie, yeah, I will be missing that
Funny back then was thinking about the destination, where I am at
Dropped a Lil' mixtape, it went damn near platinum
I am not mixed, but I got black and white, aingt talking Ransom
This shit up, but not gonna lie, I may not make it look fun
Look dumb, you just mad that you can't cuff 'em...

It's a Royal Rumble
Came out on top, like the Royal Rumble
Any beef with me, it's a Royal Rumble
She wanna Royal Rumble...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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