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'Youngest N Richest' is the latest song presented by 'Mulatto'. The song is from the album 'Queen Of Da Souf' & the music is produced by Ghost Kid. The song was released at 'Mulatto' official youtube channel on August 21st, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Youngest N Richest (Lyric)
Artist: Mulatto
Album: Queen Of Da Souf
Label: StreamCut & RCA Records
Released Date: August 21st, 2020.

Youngest N Richest Lyrics:

(Big Latto)
Queen of the south
Know what I am saying?
Like (Yeah), when I be doing the interviews, 
They always ask me what's my hobbies outside of rap
Shitting on bit*hes (Haha)...

I am the youngest and richest
These bit*hes know what's up with me (Rich)
If we beefing, I got you
Won't book no shows in my city
Too picky wit' the kitty
He aingt hit me, bit*h, I am stingy (Hell nah)
[?] to diss me (Who?)
I been a problem since fifteen (Woo)
Yeah, bit*h (bit*h), act like you know this shit (Know this shit)
I dropped a hunnid on jewllery, [?] panda mink
Boss bit*h, aingt met a nig*a that can handle this (Handle this)
I was up a quarter mill before the deal, no counterfеit (Yeah)
AP on me iced out, I can't tell what time it is
Shooters in the [?], don't beat 'em first dumbass, don't try this shit
I can't let no nig*a baby mama [?]
I aingt [?] no threat from no pussy ho, she just talking
That bit*h said,
I wouldn't be shit and now look at her watching (She watching)
Rich at 21, y'all bit*hes owe me an apology (On God)
I just put some more money on my brother books (Books)
Another magazine cover, that's another look (Yeah)
I am the queen of the south, got these bit*hes shook (South)
All it take is one wrong move to get your shit took
Y'all bit*hes out here moving like a nig*a puppy (What?)
Make him buy the Birkin 'fore he even touch it (Uh)
If I let him hit the Latto then a nig*a lucky
Slim thick but the bank account getting chubby, talk to me (Uh)
I be laughing to the bank, y'all funny
Brand new day, brand new money (New money)
A broke nig*a can't do nothing for me (Nah)
Latto [?] rich nig*a most wanted (On God)
Baby Glock in the bra, it aingt nothin (On God)
Finger fu*king these hunnids, I am dummy (I am dummy)
Big Latto, yeah, I keep the money coming...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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