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'Love Letter' is the latest song performed by PackBoyDon. The song was released at 'PackBoyDon' official youtube channel on August 25th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Love Letter (Lyric)
Artist: PackBoyDon
Label: PackBoyDon
Released Date: August 25th, 2020.

Love Letter Lyrics:

Baby Girl Can I Have You A Noise
Probably A Million Times That I Asked
You, I Want You Bad Like A Tattoo
Go Fu*king Me I am That Dude I Beat It Up
I Promise Won't Tell No One Hit It Once
Now You Wan' Have My Sound Good Sexy
The Toxic Now Look What We Become I
Can't Even Count How Many Times I Made
You Come
The Way You Moan Body's So Perfect And
The tone I Don't Wan' See You
Upset You're My Princess I Just Wan'
Keep Getting You Wet
Fu*k You So Good Every Time Like When
You First Met I'm There One Call If
You're In Distress
Fu*k You So Good Then You Clean Up The
Mess Fuck Up The Drama Why Can't You Say
Less I Know What You Were Doing That Has
What You Do Me Like That I Swear Do For
Attention Let Me Get On Top Of You
Kiss You From Head To Toe The Stuff You
Do Next Day Have You Feelin' Like A Hoe
But You're My Girl I Love The Way Your
Toes Cross Eyes When It Back In Your Head...

Match On The Floor Cause We Broke Too
Many Beds I Love The Way You Grind It
Against Me I Think The Person Sends Me I
Put Your Hips Against Me Deeper Super
Duper Shrieker Soaker Music So Loud I
Think About The Blue My Speakers I Used
To Put Your Ex On Like Some Sneakers
Like A Fu*k For Days Like A Tweaker You
Scream Like You Want A Roller Coaster
It's Yummy You Can Squirt
One Night I Just Wan' Bring Us Closer I
Don't Want Another Heartbreak I Just
Wan' Make Your Leg Shake
Wipe It Like Bam Me On The Earth Cook
I will Make You Feel Special Like It's
Your Birthday Especially Like You Just
Turned 38
Steak And Lobster City To The City On
Days I Know You See My Money Pile Up
Stick To The Plan Then This Could Be Us
To Say I Saw A Cap In My Trap Melody
Once A Player Always One Right You
Google Me I Got Knocked For A Couple
Felonies That Don't Want To See Us Have
A Good Time
Hear My Name They Tell I am No Good Baby
I am Just Misunderstood
Let Me Fu*k You On Top Of This Hood Dick
So God Calm So Much You Make It Go
Mental Like The Fu*k Baby Girl Start
Gentle, You Always Come First You Could
Say I am A Gentleman
Wake Up The Head I Love The Way You
Swallow My Semen They Say Am I Sweeter
Man, We Get Nasty You Tell Me They Spit
In Your Mouth, I Love The Way You're
Feelin' Yourself
This Kind Of Pleasure You Never Felt
Your Ex Never Last
City Bus Fast Nine To Five Guy Said He's
A Bum
How Many Years And You Never Come Di*k
So Good You Don't Want Me To Fu*k All
Your Friends
Your Girl One Of Three So I'm Sorry For
The Monster I Become I Told You Not To
Kiss And Tell
I am Sorry God For This Crazy Life I
Lived I Know I am Probably Goin' To Hell
Housin' In Jail Time Got Me Talkin' So
Hard She Knows This Wrong But She In
Love With My Word
She Knows I'll Be Pablo If I Could They
Say I'm A Walking Red Flag I Don't Want
To Be Alone I've Done Enough Time And
Touchdown Di*k You are Not Feelin' Your
Legs I Gotta See You Goodbye So I will Ask
Of You Okay
What Did You Eat Today You are Always
There When I Need A Place To Stay
From December To The Month Of May If
You're Talking Crazy Like Police Then
Stay Away Just Stay Away...

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