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'Raah Bakshtam' is the latest song sung and composed by 'Irfaan Bukhari'. The song lyrics are written by Habba Khatoon & the music video is directed by Tanveer Mir. The song was released at 'Times Music' official youtube channel on August 19th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Raah Bakshtam (Lyric)
Singer/Composer: Irfaan Bukhari
Director: Tanveer Mir
Editor: Danish Renzu 
Lyrics: Habba Khatoon
Music Label: Times Music
Released Date: August 19th, 2020.

Raah Bakshtam Lyrics:

Raah Bakshtam Ser Parvardigaro, Cxe Kyoho Waatiyo Myani Marnai

( May the Benevolent God lead me to the right path,
And guide me on this arduous journey to bring me closure....and  closer to you)

Separ Treh Mar Parma Ki Ano, Phaer No Kuni Gom Zer Zabre
( I committed myself to your path and followed your commandments faithfully,
observing and adhering to every ritual, every vow)

Ashqun Khat Kaensi Por Na Yakhbaro, Cxe Kyoho Waatiyo Myani Marnai 
(Yet I am unable to fathom and unravel the deep mystery of love. 
It is the journey and not the end will bring me closure, 
closer to you.)

Hyen Bae Aayas Dyen Kyoho Baryo, Van Kui Rang Gom Khaase Babray
Entangled and entrapped; I endure my days,
Like lush green basil wilting away )

Loal Soi Thovtham Lalvun Naaro, Cxe Kyoho Waatiyo Myani Marnai
( I have nurtured and enkindled the fire of love within, 
It is the journey and not the end will bring me closure, 
closer to you.)

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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