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'Smile' is the latest song presented by 'Rod Wave', from the album 'Pray 4 Love'. The song was released at 'Rod Wave' official youtube channel on August 7th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Smile (Lyric)
Artist: Rod Wave
Album: Pray 4 Love
Music Label: Rod Wave
Released Date: August 7th, 2020.

Smile Lyrics:

(Trillo Beats, you did it again)
(Drell's on the track)

This for them tribulations and trials
I finally got a smile for all the frowns
I finally get to make my mama proud
Start a family, bought a house
I finally see what pops was talkin' 'bout

But it was hard lookin' up when I was down
I was down bad and bummy
They was laughin' at me, but it wasn't funny
Imagine me in that bottom as a youngin
On to any given Sunday
Tryna find a way to get some money
We cut grass to get cash when I was hungry
Stealin' chicken out of Publix
Nig*a grab a box and go to runnin'
Nig*as never gave me nothin', so it's fu*k 'em
Was ballin' on a budget
I remember ballin' on a budget
I was fine Until my mind got corrupted
Used to want to be a firefighter or a teacher
Until Nig*as came through on twenty-twos and boomin' speakers
My mind changed instantly
Mom didn't even know what gotten into me
Thuggin' hard, stealin' cars, and shootin' at the enemies
I used to hit my knees and pray I'd find them thin's for ten a piece
Until then, we slow grind and break it down to ten a G
Until then, we slow grind and break it down to ten a G
I know you remember me
Back in eleventh grade, was addicted to poppin' seals
I love to sip that lean, I like the way it make me feel
The smile up on my face, bae, 'cause I been swallowin' pills

Couldn't focus in class, my mind was stuck on them M's
Get to thinkin' 'bout my past, that shit be givin' me chills
I never thought I'd see the day I get a record deal
Move my baby mama to the hills, fu*k the drama, babe, lets live
In the Bahamas tryna heal
Tell me your problems and your fears, yeah
And all of them Nig*as on the internet be hoes
You the type of Nig*a I hated when I was broke
You the type of Nig*a see this pole and be froze
I'm the type of Nig*a get jealous and rob him out his clothes
By the time you jumped off the porch, I was in the middle of the road
When you got down the street, I was already headed home
On the porch knockin', lookin' for love, but it was gone
Thank god I found my passion in these songs...

This for them tribulations and trials
Thin's lookin' up, when it was down
It was hard tryna get it off the ground
Tribulations and trials
You couldn't take my shoes and walk a mile

Finna put them diamonds in my mouth, cause now
I got a reason to smile
A reason to smile, reason to smile
A reason to smile
Reason to smile, a reason to smile, a reason to smile
Reason to smile, a reason to smile, haha...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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