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'No Chorus' is the latest song performed by 'Ukfifty' ft. D2. The song was released at 'UKFIFTYMUSIC' official youtube channel on August 16th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: No Chorus (Lyric)
Artist: Ukfifty
Featuring: D2
Released Date: August 16th, 2020.

No Chorus Lyrics:

It's Monarchy baby
They talk about love but there's none
Around there look nig*as my bitch I am
Ass acting talk about girl cause then
I am so sexy I wan' grab a bumper while
They're gon' sex me I haven't got time
That's why I've been vexing
Nowadays nig*as be gangsta while texting
I don't like always drop your location

nig*as act up and go on vacation to my
Blade from left to right if you come on
My hunger straight for your chest
Love to my people were all so evil and
You can find 50 later we're equal
Stop my dick you know that that's
Patience you might just want me back
Like probation I can't lie lord knows I
Feel guilty but she left me when I was
Too many options hit the harold steroids
Passing like
She's swallowing she's touching my balls
In my hollow thing if you don't take
Risks and prosper then how can your bank
Shots like pogba got if I hop
Out with a full forward in the ipc more
Than a doctor yo
She's like a spinner called true say I
Cocked up then shocked
I am fu*ked up they're spun around like a
Cop I don't need no love since I got the
Owen right look all of them girls have

Been cutting and we ain't gotta talk to
You much like I stick to the rap cause
None of my heart's been slapping spend
Your last questions for fake armani
Rules fu*k are you gon' raise your army
You will never spill no blood like
Pursue I've got two bros I might turn
They thought I was gon' see purple
Change my flow now it's all virtual I am
Pumping 50 rap for your speaker wrapping
My ends while hot on saturday screen
Gang gander where have you been hiding
Me my bro we live we ain't down we don't
Try to trap the bulls like we captive
Corn getting slapped then you're getting
I am with 50 diligent members more than
All right for my bros I don't leave mums
In sadness
Me and bro did the whole strip on a
Their hand breaks on the road said
Banging this backing jackets
Who's on who I am on you who's on what
Whitman down till he's barely alive
White man down till his heartbeat stops
You can say I am satin like rich in
Progress but I doubt anyone would notice
Cause everybody I like the gangsters
Real talk wankers we are the ones who
Thank us we're convinced boys don't
Shank us
I haven't gone on time for some nicks or
Nerds coming like american candy when I
Drink spirits the pigs can't stand me
I guess my expert didn't really like me
Can't blame her the universe works in
Mysterious way gotta yeah like
Andy I might let my painting from back
Down and half of this gospel loud no
My bummer linkedin from stella and she
Never fu*king me she want balance
Link and a girlfriend but I am a fu*k boy
They talk about wetwood

How will these nurses talk crazy why you
Go home look after your baby
I am so damn sick and tired from the hole
In the wild like kanye west
Swinging my blade from left to right
Just praying I'll go through chests
nig*as wan' act like they're mad for me
That's a different life you were living
I'll talk about real life shit so the
Pistol the message I am rapping not singing...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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