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'Intro' Lyrics is the latest Swahili (Tanzania) song performed by 'Country Wizzy'. The song was released at 'Country Wizzy' official youtube channel on September 13th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Intro (Lyric)
Artist: Country Wizzy
Music Director: Johhnyvick
Video Director: Hascana Brand
Producer: Tmajor
Music Label: Country Wizzy
Released Date: September 13th, 2020.

Intro Lyrics:

Issa Public Announcement
The One and Only You Truly the Honnorable Mr. Country Boy/ Yule Boy /ayiii 
I'm High as F**k Meen.! Lets Get It

[Verse 1]
Umenikimbia Nna Majonzi (Woou Woou)
Hukuniambia Sho Majozi (Woou Woou)
Nikiweka Picha Zingatia Pozi (Woou Woou)
Nawasha Kitu Sheli Nyandutoziii
Twende Ngazi Kwa Ngazi Iviiii
Bars Kwa Bars Iviiiii
Cash Kwa Cash Iviiii
Puf Puf Pass You Diiig...

Oh My God Im Soo High Right Now
Okay We Nione Tozi Nichokoze Ule Kipigo
Mtoto Wa Dar Es Salaam Natamba Hadi Migo Migo
Kwenye Mapenzi Sikoo,kwenye Ela We Gooo
Ndo Hivyoo Bongo Ingekua Mtoni Migo Migooo Migos)...

Perfect Perfect Perfect 
Everything is Perfect
You Are One of the Best African Rapper
You Are Talented/you Are a Real Deal
We Can Get Money on You.!
Lets Sign a Deal,
But You Need to Go on Verse Two Banaa Lets Go Patel...

[Verse 2]
Kumbe Unataka Verse Two Okay Let Me Switch Sides
Ukitaka Watoto Wazuri Lete Pizza
Natumambo Flani Chicken Wings Umemaliza
Utawaskia Bebee Wanaanza Kujilizaaa
Mabrothermen Wa Town Wanawaza Gucci
Awana Mawazo Yakujenga Hawa Stupids
Alafu Badae Watasema Wananuksii
Wakati Walipoteza Muda Disco Vumbii...

Well Done Well Done Well Done
You Just Did It Perfect
You Call Yo Self Fisi or Father of Trap I Dont Know
You Confusing My Mind Bt You Are Perfect Bana
Trust Me You Are Gooood
Lets Do This Business Lets Take Rap Game to the Next Level,
Lets Push You to Another Level
Because You Have Everything
You Have That Look You Have the Swagg You Have to the Tone
Wooow I Cant Wait to Work With You Country Boy
Welcome to the Winning Team
Konde Gang for Everybody...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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