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'Say My Name' is the latest song sung & written by 'Kr$na'. The song was released at 'Kalamkaar' official youtube channel on September 15th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Say My Name (Lyric)
Writer & Singer: KR$NA
Producer: Call Me G
Mixed & Mastered by: Deep Kalsi
Video by: Shubh Verma
Music Label: Kalamkaar
Released Date: September 15th, 2020.

Say My Name Lyrics:

Puri Life Me to Underdog Tha
Kalam Chale Mera Lage Thunderstrom Sa
Beat Baje Jub Bom Pa Pum Pa' Pum Pum
Saare Dekhege Jalwa Bhi Mere Dum Ka
Lagi Lanka Aashanka Hai Inme
Mere Bina Game Trash,
Ab Toh Jamta Nahi Bin K
Jo Bhi Net Pe Bethe Gyaan Ch'de Unki Ga'd Tode
Pehchaan Chote Hua Hhanta Nahi Inse
Say My Name, Say My Name [ya]

Desi Rap Ko Bana Diya Hai Mene Wrestlemania
Game Me Baant Rahe the Friendship Band
Fir Aaya Me- Click Click Bang
Ab Saare Bole Damn, What is This Behaviour?
Bhagwan Waale Kaam Kaise Karengi Ye Deviyan?
Japon Naam Pranaam Karo Me Saviour
Rap Maidan, Thoko Salaam, Me Brigadier,
Pehle Bole Peace Fir Dlege Tu Subliminal
Krsna is on the Pinnacle, Chodoonga Inne Critical
Naam Bhi Lage Mythical
Umbilical Cord Pe Mic Ka Jack, Karoon Me Rap
Booth Me Lagoon Me Smooth Criminal
Too Clinical Through Syllables, Ye Toh Saare Haare
Aur Hua Me Bruise Minimal,
Nikaloo Jaloos Belarus Se Door Senegal
Dakar Maroo Kha Ke, Ye Rapper Hai Too Edible
Sunta Hoo Sub Toh Tu Banana Na Mistake
Aane Eaali Peedi Bhi Sunengi Mere Kisse
Jo Bhi Bole Mere Gaane Chale Saare Diss Se
Wo Khud Chale Banne Reality Shoe Ke Hisse,
That's a Fact, Ab Karo Deny,
Haan School of Hard Knocks Ka Me Alumni,
Ye Ladkiyon Ke Chakkar Me Sallu Ban Jaye
Me Karoon Erase Ex, Jaise Saluchan Guy,
Say My Name, Say My Name [yo]
Say My Name, Say My Name [yo]
Say My Name, Say My Name [yo]...

Say My Name Lyrics In English:

All My Life Been an Underdog,
But When I Write, Feel Like a Thunderstorm
When the Beat Go Bum Pa Pum Pa' Pum Pum
It Gon' Feel Like I've Brung a Bome
Set Fire to the Game, They Gon' Fear Me
Tryna Compare but They Aint Really Coming Near Me,
Talking Shit on They Instagram Livem They Be Lying
In These Linesm Through Craps Vine, They Gon' Here Me
Say My Name, Say My Name [ya]

I Made Desi Rap Wrestlemania
They Were Handling Out Friendship Bands
Then I Came in Click Click Bang,
Now They're Like Damn, What is This Behaviour?
You Can Pray to Your Lord and Saviour
Brigadier of This Rap Game,
Killing Whacks Names, While I Tap Dance
Right Up in the Crave Yard [ya]
Sending Me Subliminals, but I Am the Pinnacle
Leave Em Critical in Physical Pain, Krsna is Mythical
Clinical Aim, Shit I'll Jut Bang the Sane Syllabus
With Blood on My Name
I'll Remain a Blamed Criminal
Ain't Typical, I Be Busting Like an Ak.
Been Dropping Rappers Since I Was Up in the 8th Grade
In a Room With a Cheap Mic and Some Egg Crate
A Vet Keeping Rappers in Check Like It's a Pay Day [ah]
Hear Every Thing They Be Saying About Me,
Just Don't Bring Me Up if It Ain't About Me
You Know How This Reality Go
If You Been on a Reality Show,
Then You Ain't Gon' Stop Me
I Been Doing the Killing I've Been in It,
I Been Weaving a Web Like Infinite
I'll Kill 10 Rappers, in About 10 Minutes,
I Ain't Fence Sitting, I'm Just Doing What I Intended, So
Say My Name, Say My Name [yo]
Say My Name, Say My Name [yo]

Say My Name, Say My Name [yo]...

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