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'Snitch' is the latest song presented by 'Joyner Lucas'. The song was released on 'Joyner Lucas' official youtube channel on October 21st, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Snitch (Lyric)
Artist: Joyner Lucas
Music Label: Joyner Lucas
Released Date: October 21st, 2020.

Snitch Lyrics:

This your motherfu*king conscious nig*a
Don't even do it don't start acting like
A bit*h cause you forgot where you going
You made choices that didn't put you
Here and now you just ruined and I don't
Care about why you did it or who got
Your affluence nah don't listen to that
Nig*a that ain't good invite
If you cooperate initial chance and save
Your life just tell them what they want
To know and you won't pay the price
Someone call it snitching but for me I
Call it make it right
Man fu*k that make it right shit you
Gotta sit to your bed you shoulda
Thought about this shit before you did
What you did
Give a fu*k about your family or your
Bit*h or your kids you either gonna
Respect the code or you gonna get what
You give who gives a fu*k about the
Codes no one follow codes
We both know that jail ain't the place
You wanna go somebody fu*king on your
Bit*h you trying to call the phone if I
Was you I tell them boys everything they
Wanna know
Okay let's think about this let's
Embrace it let's make an illustration
Let's say you switch up with it bit*h up
In and make a statement now nig*as in
Jail that nig*a ain't telling had no
Stitch temptation
Now you might be free but you might get
Killed for giving up information and if
You don't get killed and that's a wrap
Everybody gonna know you as a rat won't
Get no respect for the rest of your life
Nobody won't know you after that you mic
Your run but you never could hide how
Long you hoping that'll last for they
Catch you slipping and giving you
Something that you know you had
Let's say you keep your mouth shut and
Take the blame for it now you need money
On your books ain't no I'm paying for it
No visitations are no letters you've
Been waiting for that pussy you've been
Craving for
You may not get laid no more and all
Them nig*as that you call your brothers
Will be ghosts
The only one who got you is your mother
If you're close a bunch of nig*as
Screaming free you ain't making posts no
One show up to your trial nig*as pray
That you can smoke and please tell me
Ain't bout to take a sucker's advice
Your kids will grow up knowing that
You're just a sucker for life
Lacking morals and integrity you come
With a price and if you folding you
Should know that we ain't nothing alike
And if you leave it here tonight you
Better cop a burner go fu*k around and
Be somebody ain't nobody heard of
Now here's your choice be a man or be
Somebody murdered if siva you could take
The standard you be bobby schmurder
You know I mean the operation was really
Vick's plan
He was a top dog you know rico sort of
Ran with whatever
Vic was doing you know what I mean I was
Involved in it but I really wasn't
I really was just you know was told what
To do like I wasn't
You know I mean these guys would see the Snake 
Shit, I want to see my lawyer...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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