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'Canceled' is the latest song sung & performed by 'Larray'. The music video is directed by @Jake The Shooter & produced by @Edgaresteves. The song was released on 'Larray' official youtube channel on October 19th, 2020.

Song Details:

Song: Canceled (Lyric)
Artist: Larray
Director/Editor: @Jake The Shooter 
Co-Director/Editor: @Larray
Director of Photography: @Grantdecyk
Executive Producer: @Edgaresteves
Music Label: Larray
Released Date: October 19th, 2020.

Canceled Lyrics:

I Just Want to Apologize in Advance for This Um 
I Am So Sorry That You Have to Hear This 
Let's Start Off With Bryce Hall Yeah 
He Got Some Smelly Veggies
I Only Know His Name Cause I Just
Gave Him Fame Now Moving on a Sister I
Think I'm About to Diss Her That Ass is
Looking Thicker Before Her Getting Bigger...

Jeffy Star Says Nick Up Next Does His
Boy Name Noah Mr. Thickneck Uh
Ain't Nobody Know It Now I See Why Dixie
Chose Him He Hit Different Cause He Got
A Bigger Peter Ain't That Right Griffey
And the Kid...

This You This You This You This You This You-You...
Tana Gives Cancer Every Five to Seven
Business Days She Finds a Way to Up
Every Different Way
She Dated Jake She Dated Jake
Can We Change the Beat...

And Complaining About Some Vitamins You
Don't Like James So Why the Hell Did You
Invite Him in
Bryce and Josh Tried to Bully Little
Chase Y'all Making Diss Tracks Let Me
Put You
In Your Place, I Thought a With a
Retail Pretzel Says, Son
I Thought I You, 
Sodas Like the Triller Says Son 
I Thought a You,
Lost the Baddest Sad Son
Ian Grey Unfollowed Me So They Got Blocked...

Pretty Itty Bitty Tiny Weights
Don't Want the Smoke but
Charlie Has That Bait This Ain't a Race
Tony Lopez Caught a Case
Nessa Shredded Olive Oil Josh's Face
Pretty Itty Bitty Tiny Weights
Don't Want the Smoke but 
Charlie Had That Bait...

Written by: Gaurav [BOLLYWOOD TRACKS LYRICS]                                             

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