Why India's COVID-19 crisis threatens world ?

What is Taking Place in India Is More Than a 2nd Wave It's a #Tsunami. Reported Daily Infection Rates Are the Highest Ever Globally and All Experts Agree the Actual Numbers Are Far Higher. In the Capital of Delhi #Covid-19 Is Killing 1 Person Every 4 Minutes. Car Parks Have Been Converted to Mass Crematoriums as a National Shortage Of Oxygen, Causes Even the Young to Die. Young Patients Who Will Die in a Matter of 2 Hours. 

India's COVID-19 crisis

Hospital Request Government to Please Send Oxygen to Us We Need Oxygen for Our Patients. India's Out of Control Crisis Is a National Tragedy, but as the World's Largest #Vaccine Maker It's a Catastrophe Globally 92 Developing Nations Rely on India Home to the Serum Institute for the Doses to Protect Their Own Populations.

Their Critical Supply Will Now Be Crippled by India's Domestic Obligations. An Outcome That the African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention Called Catastrophic. India Has the Capacity to Manufacture 70 Million Doses a Month but Even With All of Those Doses Directed Towards His Domestic Needs, There Is Still Not Enough to Meet Its Overwhelming Demand Globally. The Covid 19 Pandemic Continues to Intensify the World Is on Track to Record More #Covid 19 Deaths This Year Than It Did in 2020. According to the Who While 1 in 4 People in Rich Countries Have Received a Vaccine Only 1 in 500 People in Poorer Countries Have Received a #Dose. 

The Risks of Allowing 2nd Wave Outbreaks to Ravage Places Such as India Aren't Limited to Those Countries. Alone Emerging Variants From These Zones Only Risk Deadlier and Faster Spreading Outbreaks in Other Regions. Despite Efforts to Restrict the Spread of India's New Variant B1617. It Has Already Been Identified in at Least 10 Countries Including the #UnitedStates (US) and #Britain.

Further Delays to More Equal Global Vaccine Distribution Will Affect Everyone Including Vaccinated Populations. This Fear Was Made Resoundingly Clear by the Biden Administration. Who Have Now Announced They Will Share 60 Million Doses of Their #Astrazeneca Vaccine With Other Countries in Desperate Need.

Doctors in Delhi Say People Are Dying on the Streets Outside Hospitals as India Struggles With Record #Coronavirus Infections and a Critical Shortage of Oxygen. 352,000 Infections Have Been Reported in the Last 24 Hours Alone and There Are Indications the Situation Could Be Far Worse Than the Official Figures. People Standing in the Car Park of Hospital for an Hour as Oxygen and Bed Shortages Claim Lives That Could Have Been Saved Patients Left to Fend for Themselves.

Struggling for Help, International Health Is on Its Way to India #Ventilators and Oxygen Concentrators Are Being Sent From the UK Government. The Eu the Us and Even Pakistan Among the Other Nations Pledging Help, but It Still Isn't Nearly Enough to Meet Demand as Far as the Number of Cases. And the Number of Serious Patients Requiring Hospitalization Is Concerned.

India's Coronavirus crisis

It Will Take at Least a Couple of Weeks in Delhi and the Surrounding States to Even Start Normalizing and Then Possibly Declining and So Every Day Hundreds Queue in India's Capital to Try and Get Their Hands on Supplies.

A Year After the Country's 1st Wave Many Ask Why the Government Didn't Do More to Scale Up Health Care Facilities Instead It's Come to This. We're Seeing Devastating Situation There in India in Fact in This Morning I Heard It Being Described as a #Tsunami Rather Than an Actual 2nd Wave. Understanding of the Oxygen Situation is that India Produces Enough Oxygen and Barely 5 Percent of #Oxygen Produced in India Is Used for Medical Purposes, So There Is Enough Surge Capacity. The Problem Is Having the Ability to Move Oxygen From One Part of the Country Where It Is Produced to the Other Part of the Country Where It is Needed. And It is There That Action is Being Taken and that is Where Help Is Being Sought.

In Fact 90 or More of the Oxygen Produced in India Is Used in Industry in the Steel Industry in Other Industries. Only About 5 Percent Is Used as Medical Oxygen, but it's a Matter of Moving it From the Place Where It Is Produced. What is actually causing this delay why Isn't the Government Taking Urgent Action. 

India Is Not Only Facing This Sort of Second Wave, but it is Also Dealing With These These Variants as Well. Variants That Are More Infectious and Which Are Also Causing Breakthrough Infections Meaning That Somebody Who's Been Infected Earlier Is Getting Infected Somebody Who's Taken the Vaccine Is Getting Infected Although with Mild Disease. There Are Two Main Variants of Concern That Are Circulating in the Country One Is the #UKVariant Which You Are Very Familiar & the 2nd Is (B1617).

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